Summer School Programs

Register for Free Summer School Programs!
Posted on 05/14/2021
Register for Free Summer School Programs!

Clover Park High School is offering FREE summer enrichment and credit retrieval opportunities for high school students this summer!

Programs will be offered in three 2-week sessions at Clover Park High School. Students can sign up for one, two or all three sessions! Three sections of programs will be offered daily.  Meals and transportation will be provided.


Click on the following links to register:


Three 2-week  sessions:

Session 1: June 21 – July 1

Session 2: July 6 – July 16

Session 3: July 19 – July 29


Section A:  9–11:30 a.m.

Section B:  Noon–2:30 p.m.

Section C: 3-4:30 p.m.

Choose one of the classes below for each 2-week session:


A six-week leadership development program for rising senior students designed to prepare students for success after high school, Warriors of Change will provide students the opportunity to conduct community-based research on issues that face our larger community of Lakewood. Students will collaborate on and present the work to a panel of community leaders.   We are working with community partners in hopes of providing an hourly stipend for students’ time. 

9TH GRADE WARRIOR ACADEMY (June 21- July 1, July 12 -23) 

A two-week introduction to high school for incoming 9th graders, Warrior Academy is designed to prepare students for high school and beyond.  The two weeks will be spent introducing students to Clover Park High School, getting to know other students and staff.  There will be a combination of fun and high school preparedness activities that will make this an engaging experience that will launch students ready for their high school journey. This class will run June 21 - July 1 and July 12 - 23.


Athletics and training activity will focus on conditioning, core strength, agility and endurance, mental coaching, guest speakers, NCAA/College talks, sports specific work outs and cross sports activities.  Sports include: Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling, Tennis, and Cross Country.


Designed to get you outside and out of Lakewood, students will take various outdoor excursions around the Puget Sound region.  Trips will include hiking and other outdoor activities.   


The Spoken Word/Drama Club provides a place for writers, poets, playwrights, monologists, storytellers, actors, and actresses to develop new forms of self-expression.  Students may be exposed to different aspects of theatre including impromptu skits, monologues, blocking, playwriting, and prop selection and use.  Students can perform poems of their own, share poems written by others, read from plays and participate in creative writing activities.   


Music Club students explore a variety of music concepts through application. Students have the opportunity to work with voice and a variety of instruments. 


Are you a reader?  Do you love sharing about the books in your life?  Come chat with fellow readers to inspire them to read your books and get recommendations about other books that you might love. 


Do you love to cook?  Do you love to bake?  Do you love to eat?  Come spend some time cooking and baking with other CPHS students.  This opportunity is available to students with a range of cooking experience, so you are welcome if you are a seasoned chef or if you have never stepped foot into a kitchen. 


June 21-July 29

Monday-Friday, except July 5


Morning Class: 9-11:30 a.m.

Lunch Break: 11:30 a.m.-Noon

Afternoon Class: Noon-2:45 p.m.


Meals provided. Morning class students may stay for lunch.  Afternoon class students may arrive early for lunch.



High school students going into  grades 10-12 or seniors that did not graduate. All classes are for one-half credit (.5 carnegie unit) or one semester.  

Credit retrieval options for repeating a course that the student failed/incomplete:

  • English 9, 10, 11, 12
  • World History, Civics
  • United States History
  • WA State History
  • Contemporary World Problems
  • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
  • Health
  • Biology, Chemistry
  • Physical and Earth/Space Science
  • Spanish I & Spanish II



Students are expected to attend all class sessions for which they register. Only 2 absences are allowed.


CLOSED CAMPUS: Summer school is a closed campus. This means visitors are not allowed and students are not allowed to leave campus, for any reason, until their classes are over for the day.

GRADE REPORTS: A report card will be issued to all students, and a copy will be sent to the home school. The final grade will be added to the transcript.

LIBRARY: Students needing library services must use the public library.


END: Students must leave the grounds immediately after their classes end. Parents are asked to pick students up promptly after class unless they are riding the transit system.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation will be provided.


Credit Retrieval courses are for students who have already taken a particular course and not earned credit (failed). Students may register for multiple courses, but courses must be completed one at a time (all of one course must be completed before the next course can be started). Students register for the AM session (9:00-11:30) or the PM session (Noon-2:45). Students registering for more than one course may also register for both the AM and PM sessions  Credit Retrieval Summer School is available to students currently residing in Clover Park School District.

  • Students may enroll in up to 3 courses during summer school.
  • Students are expected to attend class sessions They may complete a course at any time.
  • Space is limited and is on a first- come, first-served
  • AM/PM session availability will be checked and confirmed over email. Wait to received email confirmation before attending. Students will receive the letter grade earned at the conclusion of summer school. No In-Progress (IP) grades will be
  • Students will need their CPSD computer login/passwords to access computers and online courses.