Warrior Yearbook

Warrior Yearbooks On Sale
Posted on 11/30/2020
Warrior Yearbooks on Sale

Warrior Yearbooks On Sale

Cost is $29.00.

Contact Jeff Hurdus with questions.  [email protected]

How to buy a yearbook online

  1. Go to InTouch payment system
  2. Follow the instructions on that page (see 1, 2 & 3 under …when logging in, a few hints to remember). Those instructions tell you what the user name and the password need to be so you can log in and make a payment.
  3. Once you log in, and click on your student's name that you are buying/paying for, click on "items at student's school"
    Next, click on MISC; there you will find the yearbook for sale currently at $29.00. Click on "buy" and then go to checkout near the top of the page.