Millon Corner

CPHS Staff in graduation gownsWelcome Message “To the class of 2020, I am thinking about you often even though I don’t get to see you in person.  I have enjoyed some of the emails from you letting me know that you are working hard to make sure you stay on track, despite the circumstances we all find ourselves in.  It’s a crazy end to the school year for sure—not what any of us expected.  Still, we have reason to celebrate.  The Stay Home Order will not be forever.  Our lives will go on.  We will move on to whatever plans we created for after high school.  And we will celebrate your accomplishments together, however that looks, at the conclusion of the school year.  If any of you are feeling discouraged or anxious, please reach out.  Your senior team is still here to support you and we are all still working together to make sure you cross the finish line in June.  If you are in credit retrieval, finish those classes.  If you have failing grades, get those up.  Don’t use this virus as an excuse to not graduate.  You are better than that.  We all believe in you and we will figure out these next two months together.  And believe me, the class of 2020 will never be forgotten.”

Here are a few updates.  Check back here at least weekly for more information.

High School & Beyond Presentations & Community Service (if you are a senior who didn’t get this done yet, use this time to complete it)—Email Jewel Robinson or I if you need help or if you are ready to present. 

Cap & Gowns Distribution will be when the Stay Home order is lifted. 

Transcript requests  Email Loraine Reda and she will ensure these get to wherever they are needed (college, military recruiter, your email, etc.)

Credit Retrieval Continue working! You still need to complete these classes!