Principal Message

Principal Tim Stults

November 12, 2020

Hello Warrior Families,

Greetings from Clover Park High School- Yes, we are still here!!

Normally, in these messages, I like to start with some celebrations. While it is really easy these days to lose sight of the great things that are happening that does not mean they aren’t there. We have seniors who are applying to college and receiving scholarships to schools all over the country! We have small groups of students who have come in to the building to receive some support and encouragement. We have JROTC Cadets applying for flight academy. And we have many students who are working hard to make the remote learning platforms work, who are digging in and making great relationships with their teachers. The good work is still there- even if it is harder to see with the remote learning. So, thank you to all of the families who are making sacrifices large and small to help our students still be students.

Student and Family Support

We realize that the challenges families are facing in the midst of closure are becoming increasingly difficult to manage and that we need to be able to support each other through those challenges. Our Engagement Team is one of the ways that we are working to support students through this crisis. We have many staff members who are available to provide support whether the need is a technical issue with a computer, communication issues between students/families and classwork, or social emotional supports. We know that remote learning is hard for students who may be working or helping to provide for younger siblings, or just struggling to stay motivated. But we are here to help. If you need to reach us for support, please call the main office line at 253-583-5500.

Student and Family Feedback

The second item is to let students and families know that we have heard a lot of feedback around workload for students and the use of asynchronous time. After listening to students through a variety of means, including the Superintendent’s Student Listening Sessions, our staff is refocusing again on the critical work that needs to be accomplished during this time. Teachers are working on remapping the curriculum during their professional learning time to make sure that the learning we are asking students to engage is accessible, meaningful, and helps students focus on those skills that will be critical for student success in the next grade level.

Additionally, we heard that students need more structure and consistency to the asynchronous time of the day. So, Student Support Time will be replacing Asynchronous Time language and for calendar appointments in Teams. Our expectation is that teachers are working to engage students during the afternoon. Moving forward, teachers will be scheduling 30-minute student support sessions in the afternoon as well as your four live 55-minute sessions in the morning.  We are trying to make this a consistent place for students to join and get help as it will show up on their calendar.  We do not want students and families having to figure out how to find a teacher or get the support they need.

One other piece of feedback we have heard is that students need a physical tool to help stay organized and to know how to access supports and this is especially true in 9th and 10th grades. So, every 9th and 10th grade student will be receiving a planner in the mail. In that planner are all kinds of helpful tools and suggestions. There is also a calendar for the remainder of first semester, places to write down assignments and upcoming due dates. Please have this ready and nearby for each class session you attend. These will be mailed out early the week of November 16th. Many teachers will be requiring the use of the planner as a class assignment- so be ready.

News and Notes

While we have made some progress in our attendance at school, we need to keep working on it! As we continue to encourage students to produce their best work every day in their classes and to refuse to accept mediocrity it is very challenging when they sign in late to school or are absent consistently even for one period. Please make sure your student gets up and gets going in a timely way each day.  When looking at grades this first quarter- there is a strong correlation between attendance/engagement and doing well in classes. That should not be a surprise but has clearly become more extreme with the remote learning. So please make every effort to not just “be in class” but to “be engaged in class” by participating in the chat, unmuting to ask questions, showing up for the student support sessions in the afternoon and by getting work turned in on time.

Student Led Conferences are next week- November 18th, 19thand 20th. It will be awesome to “see” all of our Warrior Families. While we won’t be walking hallways and classrooms, we are still partnering with you in the most critical work in the world- preparing all of our Warriors for Greatness and a fantastic future. While conference time is an opportunity to meet with each student’s advisor to track progress, we know that sometimes it is also necessary to talk with specific teachers about concerns in a class. If that is the case, we are more than happy to schedule that time with you.

I will leave you with a quote from one of our warriors who has experienced some struggles and some successes this fall. The point is to never give up. We’ve got this Warriors!!

Life of a CP Student During COVID-19

This is how life is for me as a CP Student during COVID. The first week of September was very exciting because were finally going back to school (virtually) after six months being bored repeating the same routines every day. As the second week slowly went by, the workload was just too much for me. I started procrastinating and turning assignments in days past the due date. I’m still in the process of making up assignments. By the middle of October school really felt optional to me even though it’s not. My sleeping schedule was so messed up because of the all-nighters my siblings and I would pull just to make up work and turn them in. By the ending of October, I missed many of my classes due to sleeping in and I am behind in many of my classes. The support from all administration and many of the teachers has just been real. Even though we may fall off track at times they never fail to acknowledge us for what we’ve accomplished. There were many times throughout the quarter where I just wanted to give up but as a CP Warrior, giving up isn’t a choice. With all the support we have, why would we just give up like that? Distance learning is hard, not being able to be in the building with everyone, but I feel like the support we have is no different from when we we’re at school. We’re all going to get through this together.

Thank you all for the amazing honor it is to serve your children and our community every day! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the main office at 253-583-5500.

Tim Stults, Principal

Warrior Strong!!

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