Principal Message

Principal Tim Stults

To Our Warrior Community 

We find ourselves this year in the midst of unusual times. We are successfully completing a school year unlike any other in history with all of the closures.  

Seniors and families participated in all of the various celebratory events from Cap and Gown Distribution, Commencement Processional through the building and Filming a Walk Across the CP Stage, and this week was the Diploma Parade Celebration. While commencement looked different from years past we found a way to make the celebration real and unique to CPHS. We also found some things that we want to build into our practice that occurs every year regardless of the circumstances.

Students in all grades have stayed tuned in to their classes and continued their learning despite all of the challenges with remote learning. Well done- and thank you families for your support through all of this. While we do not know exactly what next year will look like, I am confident that we will meet any challenges that come our way. 

Clearly, we also have a crisis in our culture. The murders of black men and women that have occurred across the country have all of us thinking deeply about our personal and communal response. This crisis has shaken our community and our world to the core of how we define ourselves and how we participate in expressing our voice in the midst of righteous indignation; as well it should. I am reminded of an old saying, “All that is required for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.” Well, I want to make sure that our school community including our students, staff, parents, and community members know that the staff at CPHS will not be “doing nothing.” On Thursday, June 11th 2020, the SITE Council which is a representative group from all members of our staff, students, and community issued the following resolution. Through the summer and throughout the next school year we will have various opportunities for students to engage in discussions, examine the history of racism, reflect and ultimately to form their own response. We know that many of our students and staff members are already engaged in this struggle and we want to make sure that you know where we stand- right beside you!


Clover Park High School Site Council Resolution

June 11, 2020


WHEREAS we are facilitators of the limitless growth potential of human beings, with a charge to guide our youth in finding and achieving their purpose with a belief that every human being deserves to live with dignity and pride. 

WHEREAS we recognize that the killing of unarmed Black men and women, including queer and trans persons of color, has left young people and our communities searching for answers to incredibly complicated issues of race, justice and fairness.  

WHEREAS we believe that affirming “Black Lives Matter” does not diminish our commitment to ALL of our students, but rather elevates Black students’ struggle to trust that our society values them; we must affirm that their lives, specifically, matter. 

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Clover Park High School Site Council joins the national call to participate in Black Lives Matter at School Week in 2021,  

BE IT RESOLVED that the Clover Park High School Site Council declares that the lives of Black students matter, as well as the lives of all of our underserved students, 

BE IT RESOLVED, that Clover Park High School Site Council will host events aligned to the national demands for ending the pushout of Black teachers in our schools, proper implementation of restorative practices in schools and ending zero-tolerance discipline, and teaching students Black and other histories and ethnic studies and curricula.



CPHS Site Council 


Tim Stults                           Cozette Shackelford


Principal                              SITE Council Chair



As always, it is my humble privilege to serve this great community of learners. I hope all of you have a great summer and get some rest and relaxation.  

Summer office hours will be from 7-3:30 each day. If you still have books or other items to return, please come to the front door of the school and ring the entry bell.


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