Guidance Office

Guidance Office

Students and parents are encouraged to use the Guidance Services provided at CPHS. Our purpose is to assist and support all students as they define their educational direction and develop their goals. It is our belief that each individual student is both unique and valuable. We commit our best efforts and experience in assisting students to maximize their potential and to increase their productivity.

Counselors are available between the hours of 7:15 a.m. and 3 p.m.* Appointments are strongly recommended - and can be made by phone: 253.583.5522, or by email to office secretary Roslyn Smith at [email protected]
*Summer Hours - Monday through Thursday 7:30-2:30

Academic Guidance

• Credit evaluation/interpretation

• Assistance with course selection

• Testing: Interpretation/Analysis

• Graduation requirement review

Career Guidance

• Post-graduate employment information

• Testing (Interest, Aptitude, Achievement)

• Pre/Post Graduation educational opportunities

• Facilitate contacts with local training schools

• Military

Personal Counseling

• Positive image building

• Goal-setting

• Study skills

• Peer relationships

• Teacher-student relationships

• Personal coping strategies

• Drug/alcohol abuse