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Here’s some daily things that I miss: our breakfast and lunch gatherings, asking you to use appropriate language, asking where’s your pass or to go to class, reminding you to do your FAFSA, HSBP, college application… but most of all being able to see you in person.

Know that I see the Class of 2020 as The Strongest Class. The class that was able to overcome any obstacle. The world changed this spring and you will rise above it!  I am excited to continuing to help you  finish strong and get that Warrior diploma! 

Please remember that we still want to celebrate with you!! Send me your acceptance and awards information.  Since we will not be able to take your picture with your acceptance or award, please send these to us as well as we would still like to display these in our school.

Ms. Jewel

[email protected]

Dimmer Scholarship 2020 - Qualifications

Dimmer Scholarship 2020 - Application for Scholarship

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2020 Pierce First Scholarship application

2020 Pierce First Scholarship application

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